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Hard Chrome Plating


The positives of Hard Chrome

It is very hard (65 to 68RC),harder than most abrasives and steel counterparts.It combines this hardness with a strong toughness so the plating may stand up to high stress contact.

It may be applied to a wide variarity of materials.
These materials include a wide range of high alloyed steels (including stainless steels and cast irons), lightweight
aluminum alloys or titanium alloys, copper alloys, brasses and bronzes, as well as nickel-based alloys.

It provides Excellent metal-to-metal sliding wear resistance.

Up to 100 times the wear resistance than through-hardened, induction hardened, carburized or nitrided steels in dry sliding situations, and greatly superior to Electroless Nickel.

It Provides great abrasion resistance.

Plating provides a very low wear rate with abrasive products like textiles, paper and food stuffs.With thick deposits, plating provides supurb wear resistance under high stress contact against coal, sand, limestone, cement, glass fibers, etc. With abrasion being the most destructive and common wear process amoung industry, hard chrome has the potential to solve many problems with valves, pumps, bearings, etc. Between a wide varity of industries; including oil and gas, phamacetical, chemical, textiles, food, printing, mining, and many others.

It provides excellent material adhesion.

Greater than 10,000 psi.Before plating the material is subjected to a rigorous cleaning process, so that the surface is completely free of contaminates

It has an attractive, bright finish.

Plating responds very well to polishing and grinding, giving supurb surfaces for dealing with delicate products, for high precision parts, and for providing low friction.

It is non-corrodible and stable.

Hard chrome plating is suitable for most organic acids and gases excluding cholrine, supurb in hot oxidizing or reducing air, in industries like sugar, coal gas, cyanides, beer, brine, fruit acids, molten glass, milk, glue, oil and fuel.


















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