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Hard Chrome Plating

Industries Served

 Industrial Chrome plating has experience in multiple industries.

  • Plastic extrusion screw and barrel
  • Plastic injection molds
  • Textile and nonwoven
  • Rubber & Tire
  • Packaging pressure roller
  • Heavy equipment
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Automotive
  • Printing rollers
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Aero Industries
  • Liner & Piston










Hard Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome plating, as the name implies, is extremely hard(65-68 hrc as deposited) and as such is suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications that require resistance to wear. it is also the finest metal deposition to utilize whe specifications call for very low smoothness on the metal surface.Our process optimizes hardness.

Hard chrome plating is diffrent from decrotive chrome plating such as used on hubcaps, furniture,bumpers, and wheels.

Industrail Chrome Plating offers only hard chrome plating .


Plating Capabilities

Our chrome plating tank can accommodate pieces to the following sizes:

up to 13" long x 24" diameter

up to 3000 lb weight capacity


We are capable of applying up to twenty thou thickness hard chrome plating






















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